Глок съди Зораки.

В САЩ Glock съди Maxwell Corp (вносител на Зораки 917) заради формата на оръжието.

MAXSELL CORP. has been sued by Glock, Inc in a lawsuit claiming that the M917 Zoraki is in violation of their trade dress protection. Maxsell countered that it disagrees and the M917 is a blank starter gun described in US Code as a non-gun. It has been approved by BATFE for sale in the USA. It is NOT a firearm. A trial will be held in Georgia, in front of a Georgia judge, prosecuted by Georgia attorneys and heard by a Georgia jury. I must hire a Georgia lawyer. I have spoken with a Glock attorney in an attempt to settle and he replied, „You have broken the law, and I will see that you are punished“. He went on to threaten me, „I do not like you and I am going to destroy you“. I tried to negotiate with another Glock attorney and he said, „I am going to sue you personally“. He did on July 28, 2012. (more legal fees) I was sent an email by a third Glock attorney who said, that my comments were „false, retaliatory and actionable“. (more legal fees) The Glock attorneys have already billed $28,000 in legal fees and have not made one bonafide attempt to make a demand or settle. I have spent 25 years of my life in building a Better Business Bureau Rated A+ company. At 79, they cannot hurt me anymore than they already have. My physical and mental health is being destroyed. I cannot eat, I cannot sleep or eat a decent meal. I am on medication for depression and cannot enjoy my family life.

Време бе някой да „плесне турците през ръцете“. Не бива да се копира безнаказано.Още повече така грубо и повсеместно.  Всички модели на фирмата са заимствали утвърдени форми и УСМ на известни марки (814,911 и в последствие 914 са базирани на Екол Туна/Блоу мини ; 906 е прекопирал Валтер П22 ; 917 е базиран на 3 пистолета). Единствено 925 е собствена разработка, но той е развит 914, което ни води в началото …

През 2010 Glock съди Austrian Sporting Arms and ISSC Handels GmbH поради същата причина.

GLOCK, maker of the internationally-famous family of GLOCK pistols, has settled a lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia against Austrian Sporting Arms, Inc. (“ASA”) and ISSC Handels GmbH (“ISSC”). The lawsuit involved claims for trade dress infringement, trade dress dilution, and unfair competition based on ASA’s sales of a .22 caliber pistol known as the M22, which is manufactured in Austria by ISSC. GLOCK alleged in the lawsuit that the M22 has an appearance that is confusingly similar to the distinctive appearance and overall image of the GLOCK pistols. Without admitting liability, ASA and ISSC agreed to resolve the matter by redesigning the M22 to differentiate its appearance from the appearance of the GLOCK family of pistols, to cease further imports of the M22 until the redesign is complete, and to pay GLOCK an undisclosed amount. The specific terms of the settlement are confidential.

Въпреки мръкането първоначалната цел е била и е реализирана оръжията да приличат максимално на Глок, а от там да се възползват в пазарно отношение от популярността на австрийската марка. Затова напълно подкрепям Глок в тази война. Един пистолет винаги е имал рама, затвор и УСМ важното е и трите да не съвпадат с друг пистолет, защото тогава това е копие.

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