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big kaboom 2


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Засечки и откази.

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Засечки и откази.Как, къде и защо?!


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Неприятности с Smith & Wesson 500.

Here’s what happened to our S&W 500 here on the range. It’s been used on a daily basis for nine months with weekend use a bit higher. Davidson’s (who we purchased it from) won’t warranty or repair it because they “have determined that the damage to this weapon was not the result of a defect in the materials or workmanship of the firearm”. They actually said… “We do not recommend firing this firearm as it is not in a safe condition to shoot”. Not to poke fun at the blind but I’m pretty sure Stevie Wonder see that it’s not safe to shoot

We use Magtech ammo in this weapon and never had an issue with the lot as we shot plenty of ammo prior to this in our other S&W 500. We didn’t feel the need to quarantine the ammo and the rest of the lot was used without issue. Since this happened, we are now going to put a six-month life span for all of our S&W as a preventative measure to avoid any possible injuries. Speaking of injuries, nobody was injured but the shooter was a bit shaken up just because of the weapon falling apart after the shot went off. He was a good sport about it and ended up shooting the other S&W 500 and we put him on a Desert Eagle .50AE and M134 minigun for free because of the scare.

източник – Reddit

Защо трябва да си проверяваме мунициите преди стрелба?!

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Защо трябва да си проверяваме мунициите преди стрелба?! Пример за фабрично не формувана гилза. Съответно дефектен патрон. Неминуема засечка.

източник – Paul Carlson от Safety Solutions Academy


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